Those Discouraging Phone Call

One day last week, I chose to stay home and catch up to a little bit of reading.

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It’s not often I have a day and not go to the office and only pander around the house. Sometimes it’s necessary to do such a thing, and I really don’t do it often enough.The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage had a day planned of purchasing in addition to an appointment at her physician. She would be gone the entire day, so I would have the entire day to myself. I was looking forward to it. Who would not?I really was mistaken about this idea. I’d like to have a day by myself is a superb concept, but it’s back in Kansas.The wife just left the building, so I had settled down with a stack of books that I needed to go through and, of course, a hot cup of java into the left of me. I was looking forward to a wonderful moment. I sighed a deep sigh and opened the first publication.Then I got a telephone call. I was not prepared for the telephone call, so I answered, hoping to talk to somebody.It was a reminder that my car warranty had died, and when I press on , I’d be moved to someone who may renew it. They also stated this is the last chance I have to renew my guarantee.I wish to get the definition of the phrase”last.” If this is the last opportunity I have, why have I received hundreds of these phone calls?A couple of moments later, another phone call came.I wrestle with the idea of, is it okay to lie to somebody who is lying ?The woman on the telephone congratulated me on winning two round-trip tickets on anywhere I needed to go. All I had to do was come for their headquarters and they’d put us up for three days and two nights, and also the food has been included.I really don’t understand how ideas dancing into my mind, but this one did.I responded to the woman,”I’m sorry, but my faith doesn’t allow me to fly airplanes.”The crickets on the other end did a little concert and she then got back to me and explained I could give those tickets to anybody that I wanted to. All I needed to do would be to come over to their headquarters, and everything will be fine.”My faith,” I clarified,”not only does not permit me to fly airplanes but doesn’t permit me to give plane tickets to anyone. I appreciate your offer, but I can’t do it.”Sometimes religion can be convenient. When I’m through chuckling, I’ll acknowledge my sin.There were a few other telephone calls, and I reacted quite similarly to them all. If anyone can harass a telemarketer, it is my wife’s favorite husband. According to the individual on the phone, they sent me four notifications that my account was that my power would be cut off today.This form of rocked my afternoon. And you know what it is like to get your electricity reinstated with all the fees.According to the person on the other end of the telephone, I owed Duke electricity $998.59 for its last eight months that I have not paid.If you want to receive my attention just tell me you need my cash.Then I told him I did not have that much cash to pay. He had been asking for a credit card number so I could get up to date on my accounts.”I can help you ,” he stated,”by decreasing your payment to $698.59.”He could tell I was hesitating here, so he responded by saying,”If there is anything wrong, we will have the ability to refund your payment, so there is no danger.”I began to realize I was in the middle of a scam, and that I did not know it. The moment I thought that, I knew I was in trouble but not the kind of trouble that he had been telling me.He gave me a number I could call, and that I knew it was not the right number. After I hung up, I looked up my Duke Energy accounts and called them, and much to my relief, they explained it was a scam and that my account was up-to-date.I thought about this, and perhaps this scam was a charge for lying around the airplane tickets. I could have been had.Thinking about what I actually could have been involved in attracted a tiny spirit of repentance into my heart. “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” (Galatians 6:7).When I do negative things, I’ll reap negative things. And I was going to reap something very negative. But the thing that makes the difference is recognizing it then repenting.

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