Building a Strong Skin Barrier

A well-constructed skin barrier will keep you safe from irritation and sensitivity. A damaged or weak skin barrier is not able to defend you effectively. This is the cause of sensitive skin. Strengthening the skin barrier may be the most effective defense against UV rays, pollution, harsh chemicals and environmental stresses.

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Aging, colour (the lighter the skin, the more susceptible to irritation, redness and so on) and environmental conditions can be the reason why certain have a weak skin barrier. A well-functioning skin barrier is essential for keeping skin elasticity and water retention. If your skin isn’t able to maintain balance it will result in dry, dull skin. A lack of skin barrier means chemicals can more easily penetrate the skin and cause inflammation. This is often evident in those who complain that certain products can cause redness, irritation or stings on their skin. What is the best way to address this situation?

Keep your routine for skincare simple. Check out the products you’re using. Remove alcohol or witch hazel-based products. Avoid using detergents in your cleaning routine. Do not use harsh chemicals.

*No scrubs, cleansing tools or excessive cleaning (i.e. brushes, cleaning cloths). Make sure you’ve got a gentle cleanser , if you have to apply it. They can be too hard. You should always be gentle when washing your face.

Be on the lookout for ingredients such as the linoleic acid (Omega 6 fat acid). This ingredient isn’t produced in nature and need to obtain it from food or via topical application. It is highly moisturizing and repairs the barrier of skin. Find oils such as Hemp Seed Oil, Sunflower, Safflower in your products.

*No detergents! (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). They leave the surface dry, irritated and SLS’s upset the skin’s natural pH balance. Acids that remove the skin’s top layer are also to be avoided. Dyes, Fragrance, chemical substances that are harsh are all contributors to weakening.

*Do not use hot water when bathing or showering. It causes the stripping of natural oils.

*Play defense! Guard your skin from the effects of stressors, such as damage caused by free radicals. Look for antioxidants, natural extracts such as Green Tea, Vitamins (A,C and E) as well as nutrient rich oils such as pomegranate, in your skincare products. They help to build a stronger skin barrier.

*Stress. Examine how you handle stress. The stress levels you have excessive can hinder your ability to heal.

*Diet. *Diet. They are good for the skin and help retain water. Your skin will look healthier if you take care of your diet.

*Sunscreen. It’s essential to apply it. It’s one of the best ways to protect the skin barrier.

Melanie Hemsworth has spent the over the past 20 years researching and investigating skincare ingredients, applications and routines in order to know what does and doesn’t work on skin

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