Hair Cutting Tools

Professional hairdressers must have the finest tools for cutting hair. These hair cutting tools play crucial roles in the hairdressing business. Professional hairdressers are now able to give you the wow look you’ve always desired. Hair cutting tools are having diverse kinds of components which are very important for hair dressing. A few of these components are as follows:

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Scissors: It’s the first element for professionals to design hairstyles for each person. Scissors have two blades. The blades are equally well-balanced with a smooth, sharp edge at the tip and towards the end.

Section ClipsThese can be employed to clip hair while cutting.

CombsThey have smaller spaces on one side and more spokes on the other side. To maintain the comb, professional thumbs and index fingers are utilized.

Thinning scissorsThey come with single or double blades. It’s all dependent on how much thinning is required. They are nearly similar to hair-cutting scissors.

Razors There are two types of razors, one is in use for wiping the neck hair of a person and the other one is used for tapering hair edges in surface cut.

Apron: It is in use to protect your clothes from dust.

The Hair Shears Types

Cut ShearsHair cutting shears as well as the hair scissors are straight edges of theHair cutting tools.

Thinning ShearsThinning shears are used to thin & blend your hair without altering the style of your hair.

They also remove half of the bulk from hair. Thin shears have an edge with a straight edge and one that is able to be used to comb like teeth.

Texturizing ShearsTexturizing shears add style and texture to hair, and remove approximately 20 percent of the bulk.

Lefty ShearsThe lefty shears are specifically designed for left-handed stylists.

Lefty Compatible– The lefty compatible means hair shears are left and right hand compatibleand is usually with a flip handle.


Convex EdgeConvex edge has been utilized to cut hair that is wet and for slide cutting, and Convex edge is usually sharpened between 40 and 50 degree angle. The edge of a shear’s blade is sharpened until it is difficult to see the edge.

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