Melamine Dinner Sets Are Unbreakable and Here’s Some Tests I Did Recently to Prove It

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I wanted to check the claims that melamine is unbreakable therefore I designed and completed a set of tests to discover if the legends are true. Read on to be amazed at the results of the unique study,Test OneI dropped my melamine dinner set out of an upstairs window and ten checked how much damage I had caused. The results were so amazing, the melamine cups, melamine plates and all rest were entirely intact, not just one scratch to be seen anywhere. This proves that you can shed your melamine set in the high place without worrying about damaged.Test TwoI threw my melamine plates across a large area and then examined each and each and every plate for crackchips or any other harm. The results didn’t lead me to despair, in fact every plate has been 100% superb and completely unscathed. Mind you I would not recommend you do this really is a field that comprised farm critters, they can step in your plates and that might lead, in spite of melamine places to some harm.Test ThreeI jumped up and down on some melamine crockery on a soft carpet in my home, I did this for almost ten minutes before my head was spinning and I was out of breath. The end result was amazing, the crockery was good as new, if not better since it seemed like the carpeting had actually polished the crockery to a certain extent, so it seemed more shiny than it did when I started! That means that fixing your melamine crockery badly can really make it seem better than when you started, which truly is fantastic news!So all we all reckon that melamine dinner sets will continue for many years even if smash and bash them about like you do not really like them. What a treat for you and your loved ones!!

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