Start Your New Year Well

There’s are certain moments in our lives where it’s good to pause and assess what we’ve achieved in the past, how it measures up to our original objectives and where we’d like the next steps to take us. Birthdays, especially decade birthdays, can be an ideal time to review our achievements, but it can also be the perfect time to check in and review our goals, achievements as well as the things that didn’t work out in the way we had planned.

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Reflection can help us to start the new year with positive thoughts.

Ask your past year about the results of your intentionsand resolutions. They could easily fail in the event that we’re not realistic, or when our goals are overly high-risk. Relying on someone else to motivate us to lose weight or quit smoking could be beneficial when we are feeling positive, motivated, and it is easier to sustain in the cold winter months, or when one person ceases to be interested.

– In the new year, relationships can be difficultJanuary is the most busy month for divorce attorneys. You should start the new year by making a vow to improve the relationship you have with your spouse. Set aside regular ‘us time’, even if you’re unable to go out properly on the “date”. A regular meeting to have a coffee or walk might be a good opportunity for catching up.

Find the areas where you feel have become somewhat dull or unimportant and then begin to make investments in these areas. Examine how you communicate with each other and try to listen. Make it more interesting by showing a real interest in each others’ lives.

It’s great to have something to look forward toThis is crucial during winter months. An evening meal with your friends where everyone contributes a dish and takes the time to dress appropriately, is an affordable way to get together with friends and start the new year with a bang. Game nights and book clubs can come into their own and offer a welcoming evening that provide entertainment. You could add excursions to courses, social, or events to your calendar. This keeps you fresh and aware of what’s happening in your community.

Invest in yourself.It’s hard to believe that time moves quicklyand we’re eagerly anticipating the next year. Spend some time to clarify the way you view your life. What are the most important issues in your current life? Which ones can you manage better? If so, then make room for some me-time with an extra bit of cash and time.

Make goals that mean something to youIt ignites your passion. Just thinking “I should/shouldn’t/ I should is rarely enough to sustain us on cold winter nights, or when you have a more challenging alternative. It doesn’t matter whether you are signing up for an online course, or reading frequently, or pursuing the fitness routine. Take a serious look at what it means to your life and commit to the daily, weekly, or monthly routine.

Find steps to walk on.toward your goal instead of it being your sole aim. Then, you can celebrate each step and give credit to yourself for having achieved the mini-targets. Every task completed, each form completed, each intention noted, and every person you’ve told are evidence of your commitment.

Take advantage of the detours,instead of focusing on the ultimate result. It is possible to be asked to give a talk or take part in a course if you are beginning a new business. Take advantage of opportunities to learn from.

The journey is often the most important part of life.instead of the end goal and the process of getting from A to B is often the most scenic, memorable part of the trip. Take as much time as you can and take pleasure in the trip.

Thank yourself for the failures you have made.It’s not necessary to give up if you make mistakes, get rejected, or are feeling out of your depth. Instead, you can use this as an opportunity to develop new skills or even change your path. Be open to new ideas and unanticipated successes can lead to amazing unexpected breakthroughs. There are innovative ways of thinking which will open your mind to exciting opportunities to start your new year.

Take responsibilityYou can do this to a tutor or business coach your colleague. You can be sure that you’re committed to your goals for the interim by having someone to check in with. Additionally it could be that you receive helpful guidance, a well-timed nudge that gets you back on track, or just confidence and encouragement in your abilities in a moment where you’re struggling with self-doubt. Don’t underestimate the importance of someone to whom you are accountable.

A successful start to the new year can mean branching out into different areas. Personal growth may require you to make a change to your look or way of life. Professionally you could develop new alliances or skills to the table. In terms of relationships, you could make a commitment to listening and reviving your social life by meeting new friends and sharing your interests. Enjoy a great start to your new year. One that is a good fit for you and then you’ll feel positive about making a commitment to it.

Susan Leigh is a counsellor and hypnotherapist. She is also a writer and media contributor. Susan Leigh can assist you with your relationship issues and stress management assertiveness, confidence, and other matters. She also offers support and training for individuals and companies as also couples.

She’s author of 3 books, ‘Dealing With Stress and the Effect it has on us 101 Days of Inspiration #tipoftheday’, and ‘Dealing with Death, Coping with pain’. They are all available on Amazon and with simple to read sections, advice and strategies to make you feel more optimistic about your life.

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